HProps Ghostbusters Labels!

The best quality this side of Columbia Studios! Rev. 29 Jul 05


Each file is taken from direct scans of the originals (where possible) and re-mastered in vector data format by computer.


1.       Ghostbusters Logo. (103 KB)

EPS vector file created in Adobe Illustrator, but should import cleanly into any other competent art program, such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.


2.       Pack and Wand Labels. (405 KB)

The Volguus classic! Acrobat PDF vector file to print out on Letter/A4 size paper.  To guarantee correct label size, DO NOT rescale.


3.       Trap Labels. (184 KB)

Previously unreleased Acrobat PDF file.  A good way to get your trap labels done with minimum fuss. Letter/A4


4.       Gunbox template. (115 KB)

Previously unreleased Acrobat PDF file.  Print-and-paste gunbox shapes… just cut on the dotted line!  Letter/A4


5.       MSP Face & Wing template. (49 KB)

Previously unreleased Acrobat PDF file.  Templates for Iona modification – faceplate and wings.  Letter/A4


6.   ANPVS5 & MT500. (218 KB)

Authentic reproduction labels for AN/PVS-5 nightvision goggles (Ecto Goggles) and Motorola MT500 VHF radio!




Other Ghostbusters Print Files


In an effort to have “one-stop shopping,” here are other common data files used by GB builders.


1.       ”Bugstomper” Proton Pack plans.

Acrobat PDF files created by German GB reference pioneer Stefan Otto.

1.        Motherboard

2.        Synchronous Generator

3.        Cyclotron & N-Filter

4.        Power Cell

5.        EDA & Booster

6.        Ion Arm

7.        Crank Generator & Gearbox

8.        HGA

9.        Gun Block

10.     Cosmetic Plating

11.     Bumper

12.     Booster Frame

13.     PPD and Clippard R701

14.     Corner Plating and Shockmount

15.     Elbows, Banjos, and Knobs, Oh My!

16.     Alice Pack Frame (Yes, even that!)

17.     Overview of Full Pack

18.     Nutrona Wand 1 (preliminary)

19.     Nutrona Wand 2 (preliminary)


1.       ”Bugstomper” Wand plans. (132 KB)

Acrobat PDF file by Stefan Otto – finalized Nutrona Wand plans (replaces 18 & 19, above).